Sunday, December 21, 2008

Five Songs I Heard Today

So while in the car tonight my iPod decided to go ahead and be nice to me for whatever reason and started playing all sorts of good stuff. Because it was nice to me, I thought, maybe I'll be nice and share this with some peeps. So here we go, I present to you: Five Songs I Heard Today.

Losing a Whole Year - From Third Eye Blind's (incredible?) debut album, their third single is, simply put, the realization that you just lost an entire year spending it with the waste of time you call your ex. And yes, I know there's a lot of us out there that know exactly what that feels like.

Paranoid feat. Kid Cudi - Kanye West shines the light on them beeyotches that like to ruin everything being paranoid.

Natalie Portman - I'm no longer a fan of Ozma, nor do I follow what goes on with Natalie Portman. But this song was written quite a few years ago and it still holds that same magic for me. In my first band, we used to cover this song and it felt great to play from start to finish. If nothing else, this is rather nostalgic for me. Don't mind the video accompanying this song, or the first 30 seconds of music before the actual song which is actually Ozma's song "Battlescars."

You Give Me Something - I've never heard of James Morrison before this song and I may never hear about him again. But I will say these two things: 1) This song just popped on my iPod and I don't know why I'd download/purchase this but it was just magically there. And 2), I thought this guy was black. Anywho, great song and it always sticks in my head. BTW, I'm pretty sure he can completely do without that guitar and it would sound exactly the same.

On Bended Knee - Now here's an old one by Boyz II Men. In all its ridiculous glory. I actually think this song is spectacularly written and definitely got the attention it deserved. As sappy and predictable as it is.

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