Monday, January 19, 2009

And This Is How Joaquin Phoenix Is Going To Die

When Joaquin Phoenix said he was going to retire from acting, I didn't really care. When I found out he was going to focus on music, I kinda laughed. When I found out he was going to rap, I laughed pretty hard. Read the story here.

As you can see from the picture above, Joaquin isn't doing so hot. He's clearly fucked up on drugs and fired his hairdresser. I'm sure Puffy Poof Sean Diddy Combs Smith has seen a lot of things in his day. But if you ask me, he looks like he pissed himself at the sight of Tongue Twista Joaquin. Click that hideous pic to see more hideous pics.

I think this might actually be a bunch of bullshit, especially since Casey Affleck and Diddy Kong are behind all this, but you can never be sure with crazy people like this in Hollywood. BUT, this past Friday in Las Vegas Grandmaster J performed for the first time. And here is the excellent footage...

Not so surprising though, is how it ended...

Stay tuned, 'cause I know I won't miss a minute of this trainwreck.

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