Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman

Oh, Joaquin, Joaquin, Joaquin. How I hate spelling your name. Well he went on Letterman to promote his latest film, the title of which I don't care to bother looking up. David Letterman is good at what he does, and you can see in this clip, he's trying to help Grandmaster J get this interview off the ground, but NATURALLY, this was going to be a trainwreck. And a nice one at that. Check it out.

Some still believe that he's playing a part for this (hopefully hilarious) documentary by Casey Affleck. I really hope he's not. There aren't a lot of actors I care about. He certainly isn't one that I care about, but now, I can't wait for more and more Grandmaster J news.

And what's that, Dave? He hasn't been on your show in three years? Well let's just see THAT interview. Here he was three years a much better state.

At the end of the interview, Letterman says he owes an apology to Farrah Fawcett. Up until this point, she was the worst guest he had, and to compare, here's that interview from 1997.

That's pretty bad but certainly not worse than Crispin Glover's appearance. Yeah. George McFly.

I wish Grandmaster J the best.

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