Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Mixtape!!! 2/27/2009

I'm not sure whether this week went by quickly or not. I guess maybe it wasn't as busy as it felt. No matter. It's the weekend, so let's get started. Pretty solid Mixtape this week. Had my toes tapping for a good while.

As a reminder, because I know I've got new "listeners," you may not be into some of the stuff on these things. Maybe you're into strictly mainstream stuff. Or maybe you just like one type of music. The purpose of the Weekend Mixtape is discovery. Some of you maybe have never even heard of half the bands on these, but at one point, I hadn't either. So give it shot. If not, hopefully you'll keep coming back for the other content on Nothing For X.

This week: Wilco, Kennedy, Mellowdrone, Department of Eagles, Saosin, Feist, The Cars and more.

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