Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Mixtape Special: The NFX Night Mix

This week there's a double-dose of Mixtape! I originally created on Mixwit as a request for a party for something I can't remember. I think it was a house-warming something wedding, something, shower something. I made this with a specific crowd in mind, but have found it's not bad for background music. And it last a while.

So, whether you're having a few people over or you're going to turn it up to 11 and just hang out, here's a mix for you and your hip friends, or cool peeps, or your noisy pets. This mix features The Roots, The Smiths, TV on the Radio, Jamiroquai, Hefner, Hot Chip, Daft Punk, New Order, VHS or Beta, Metallica, The Teenagers, Office, MGMT, Snoop Dogg, The Presets, Radiohead, The Kills, Beck, Brazilian Girls, Royksopp, Taken by Cars, Queen, Nine Inch Nails, Santogold, The Cure and lots more. Enjoy.

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