Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Greta Scaachi Thinks Bill Murray Is Crap

I don't know who the hell Greta Scaachi is, but she recently told a story about Bill Murray in the Telegraph, so I guess she's semi-worth mentioning. Story goes that Bill asked for her number at a casting meeting for an unnamed film.

"He asked for it in front of everyone," she says. "It was important to show the team that there was chemistry between their two putative stars. 'Yeah, sure, come over tonight,' I said, doing what I was expected to do. And, sure enough, Murray came round. I had an eclectic collection of friends in my apartment and we were cooking, playing music, dancing, all completely stoned. He just sat on a sofa, out of his depth.

He was wearing his stupid farmer's boots, a lumberjack shirt and looking like the country bumpkin from the Midwest that he really always was. And he left, shaking his head, and I never had to see him again."

Wait a second. Let me get this straight. So...he asked for your phone number. Then called you. Then showed up to the party YOU invited him to? And he didn't fit in with your stupid-ass pretentious hippie friends...so he LEFT??? MAN! What a dick. I used to like him, but boy, now he seems like a real Hollywood A-hole.

Greta. You're a shithead.

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