Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too-Much-Time-On-Your-Hands Music Video Is Neat

This is a music video made for "Again and Again" by The Bird & The Bee that I saw last week or so. I was going to post it because I enjoy the song so much, but couldn't really get past the chick's horrible lip sync. But then I saw all the programs they uesd to make this and thought it was worth posting.

Here's SOME of the programs used: • iTunes • Microsoft Word • iChat • Stickies • Photoshop CS3 • iPhoto • Quicktime Player • Screensaver • Illustrator • Time Machine • Spaces • Flip4Mac • Flash CS3 • Mplayer • Real Player • Cinematize • iTunes Store

Pretty neat. But what would be even neater is if I could figure out what exactly that chick wants me to do to her again and again. If it's something lame like rubbing her feet, she can forget about that shit. Foot fetish people give me the creeps. Now armpits and the back of the knees -- those are respectable fetishes. Maybe she wants me to do the Pterodactyl! Because if she does, she's in luck. I never get tired of that. You should really try it some time. Whenever you're on top just hold the sheet in your outstretched arms and flap it like a giant wing while yelling, "CAW CAW!" Trust me, it's the most sensual thing a woman can ever experience.

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