Thursday, May 22, 2008

Suffer, Suffer

"Fallen Souls" by Ours

This is one of the bands that, in the very early 2000s, made me realize that whatever was on the radio (save for a handfull of bands) was complete and utter shit. Ours is led by Jimmy Gnecco who never got the recognition he deserved because of his resembalance to Jeff Buckley. Which really sucks since I can only think of two good J.B. songs (yeah, I really give a shit what your indie-ass thinks). Here's the first song off the first cd, "Fallen Souls." It's not really impressive, but when you listen to the album, it's not. When he starts belting shit out...that's when you know you found something. What you're looking for here is the enormous scream at 3:00, which is better on the album (which you'd be damn lucky to find). Let's see YOU do that Mr. Karaoke Man.

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