Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Peter Griffin Has Finally Been "Untooned"

For those of you that never click through to the jump or check out the links I so lovingly provide, you probably haven't seen this. Unless it came to you in a dream or something. In which case I wouldn't trade dreams with your for all the money in your couch. Anyway, this is human-like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. It was an entry in the Reality Cartoons Contest that's been going on.

Here's someone turning Angelina Jolie into Jessica Rabbit:

I thin kit's great what they're doing with all this Photoshoppery, but all it's been doing lately is freaking me right the fuck out and giving me nightmares. And daymares for that matter. Just yesterday I had a meeting with Mr. Burns and he tried coming onto me. I let him kiss me once, but then he tried asking me out to dinner. And that's when I went apeshit. As it turns out, I was at a TGI Friday's and knocked out a waiter. Sorry man.

Here's a couple more creepy untoons.

You can see a butt-load more by clicking HERE.

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