Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So There's Gonna Be a Point Break 2

"When Billy Dalton, military special ops and star surfer, is disqualified from the pro-surfing tour, he takes off for the coast of Bali looking for the perfect wave. While there he’s recruited by a private security force who are trying to find a gang known as The Bush Administration, surfing outlaws and modern day pirates who work like “The Ex-Presidents,” a bank robbing crew from Malibu twenty years ago." -

So...moving on...when the original Point Break was released back in ’91 starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, and Gary Busey, it was like the perfect storm of cheesy acting. I can’t imagine they could ever replicate that, but they did hire Jan De Bont to direct. De Bont directed Speed, Twister, Speed 2, and was the Cinematographer on about a billion movies including Lethal Weapon 3, Flatliners, and Die Hard. IMDB keywords for the original Point Break are “Adrenaline”, “Female Nudity”, “Male Nudity”, “Violent Movie”, and “Shootout”. Put those five keywords together and the next two should automatically be “FUCK” and “YEAH.”

Hopefully De Bont’s movie will ignore the plot of the last crappy Point Break sequel, The Fast and the Furious. Anyway, here's this.

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