Thursday, May 8, 2008

Worst Musician Ever

This is Joseph Linello. He, is a major asshole. Not in the "jerk" sense, but in the "shit comes out of me" sense. IIIII personally think he's AMAZING. Kinda like how I think it feels amazing to take a hacksaw to my arm.

Click on the pic and listen to "No One Understands Me." And since you'll want to hear more, Check out "Damien" and then "Why Did You Leave Me."

OH! And you HAVE to check out the video on the page too. It's AMAZING as well. I don't know what that footage is really from, but I'd love to find out. So if you know, let me know. And I'll send e-mail. With a picture. Of a dolphin. Click pic.


matthew said...

ive seen that video x. im kickin myself because i cant recall the artist. ive been searching online but no luck. i really want the dolphin pic so im going to keep hunting. said...

the video is from Nickelback's music video of the song: Someday

Xavier said...

Thank you so much! Chrono, you get that dolphin pic! YAY!!!