Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Knows What Fashion's All About

Here's the Sex and the City "gang" at the London movie premiere.

And there's the ever-so-gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker showing off her fantastic fashion. I can't see it anymore, of course, cause I just threw up all over my computer screen. And since I really don't know how to type and it's edging toward the bottom of the screen, I cn't seeem to coment on th movi revew....dam. Beyotch.

Update: I had the mexican lady here at work clean my vomit and I can now procede. It's beyond me why the movie premiere was in London since none of the movie or tv show took place there. The first major review is now out, from the London Times Online, and they thankfully give it 2 stars out of 5. Granted, the guy admits the movie may be more enjoyable if you don’t like jokes in your jokes, if you're a brainless lemming or if you're record breakingly queer. The Times says...

"There may be a problem with a film when a narrator constantly tells you the meaning of what you have just seen, gift-wrapping each scene with a moral. There may be a problem with characters who shop with such conviction while the audience looks up from the trough of a credit crunch. There may be a problem with stretching Sex and the City into a two hour and twenty minute film - it can feel like a never ending dinner party: however pleasant the courses, after a while you can hardly eat another one. None of these problems seemed apparent to the women who sat around me in the cinema in Leicester Square, laughing and weeping in quick succession. After a while I began to reason like one of the characters: maybe the problem was me."

There is literally nothing on earth I want to do less than watch a Sex and The City movie. The only way you’d get me into that theater is if you hid pirate gold under one of the seats. Or maybe hid the secret to SJP's undoing in a bucket of popcorn.

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