Wednesday, May 7, 2008

UC Berkely's Nintendo Halftime Show

Okay, this is pretty freakin' sah-wEEt!!! This is a video from November of UC Berkeley's marching band doing a Nintendo inspired half time show. I would have posted it early, but honestly, UC Berkeley didn't accept me and I hold grudges. And for the record -- filling out a college application in crayon shows creativity, damnit. And the coloring book page I included proved that, while creative, I can still color within the lines when necessary.

Well anyway, this is the school's marching band doing a Nintendo themed half time show. They start off with Tetris, which after that I suggest you jump it to the 3:10 mark where they start doing Zelda and Mario Bros. which is the real prize here.
It was pretty impressive, but the performance left a little something to be desired. Namely a better performance. Just kidding, that's the grudge talking.

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